Sony PRS-500 ebook reader battery

Some website says that Sony ebook reader PRS-500 and PRS-505 use same battery. Actually this is not correct. Contrarily they use totally two different battery.

The PRS-500’s battery is thicker, its size is 4.7x38x50mm. But PRS-505 is much slim, its size is only 3.2x34x50mm. Though both batteries’s length is same, their thickness is quite different, which resulting in capacity difference. Most website says PRS-505’s capacity is 750mAh, actually it is impossible to do with 750mAh when its size is such small. However, interestingly, both batteries use same plug.

This is PRS-500 battery made by Sunpow

This is original PRS-505 battery from Sony. Its back states US323450


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