iRobot Roomba 400 Battery RC-NMIR400

Part Number: RC-NMIR400
Type: Ni-MH
Voltage: 14.4V
Capacity: 3000mAh
Replace Code:17373, 40901, 4978
Compatible with iRobot iTouchless AV001A, iTouchless AV002A, Roomba 400,Roomba 4000, Roomba 405, Roomba 410,Roomba 4100, Roomba 4105, Roomba 4110,Roomba 4130, Roomba 415, Roomba 4150, Roomba 416, Roomba 4160, Roomba 4162,Roomba 4170, Roomba 418, Roomba 4188,Roomba 4199, Roomba 4210, Roomba 4220,Roomba 4225, Roomba 4230, Roomba 4232,Roomba 4240, Roomba 4250, Roomba 4260,Roomba 4270, Roomba 4275, Roomba 4296,Roomba 4299, Roomba 4300, Roomba 440,Roomba 4905, Roomba 5105, Roomba 5210,Roomba Create, Roomba Dirt Dog, Roomba Discovery,Roomba Discovery SE, Roomba Intelligent Robotic M-288, Roomba Intelligent Robotic M-288A,Roomba Intelligent Robotic M-288B, Roomba Pink Ribbon Roomba ProRoomba Pro Elite,Roomba Red, Roomba Sage, Roomba Scheduler


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