DJI Mavic PRO Charger , 5 in 1 Parallel Charger Hub


DJI Mavic PRO Charger , 5 in 1 Parallel Charger Hub

Unit Price:US $40 US $68.00



Product Features:
* It can charge 3 battery, 1 remote controller (USB port) and 1 smart phone (USB port) simultaneously.
* Maximum 4.5A current output means rapid charging. Charging time is around 60-80 minutes for either just charging 1 battery or 3 batteries.
* Gold plated charging ports ensure long service life. Aluminium shell material.
* LED indicator for charging status, Red – in charging; Green – completed.
* Intelligent temperature control: when temperature rise up, fan will speed up automatically. (when controller in charge only, fan will not operate since current is low. If temperature of the battery is too hot after discharge, charging will

stop till temperature back to normal)
* Safe to use: it comes over charged protection, over heat protection, over current protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection.

Compatible with DJI Mavic Pro only
Input: AC/110-240V,50/60HZ
Output: 13.05V /13.5A (branch: 13.05V /4.5A); USB:5V/2A
Charging time: 60-80 mins for total 3 batteries or one battery .
Stable and safe, intelligent temperature control

Package only includes the charger, no battery and other accessories included.




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