Pioneer XMP3 XM Radio receiver battery 990552

The new Pioneer XMp3 receiver is the ultimate in satellite radio listening flexibility. Not only can you to listen to live XM Satellite Radio while on the go, but it can also simultaneously record up to five XM channels. The internal memory will hold up to 100 hours of XM Radio. Add to that your own micro SD memory card for your own MP3 and WMA files, and your listening possibilities are endless. While listening to live XM radio, the XMp3 will record up to 30 minutes of programming at any one time, allowing you to pause and replay what ever you are listening to so you don’t miss a thing. All of this in a package that it small enough to easily fit in your pocket.

Pioneer XMp3 is equiped with a rechargeable li-ion battery pack rated at 920mAh. One fully charge can rate the player for 16.5 hours of playback and 4 hours for Live XM. On the tests, which included listening to a mix of live shows and recorded content, we went nearly three days before needing to plug the unit into an outlet.

Pioneer XMp3 Battery Specification:
Voltage: 3.7V
Capacity: 920mAh
Battery Replace Code: 990552
Storage temperature: 0-60*C / 32-140*F

Call Sunpow for the replacement battery.


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