Sonos Controller CR100 battery

The Sonos Controller CR100 is the iPod-like wireless remote that works with the Sonos Digital Music System. As of July 2009, it has been replaced by the Sonos Controller CR200, which offers a touchscreen instead of a scrollwheel. It has been more than four news since its release.

Sonos Controller CR100 uses a rechargeable li-ion polymer battery rated 3600mAh. It needs 2 hours for one full charge. And one charge can works for 2-5 days (depending on usage pattern and sleep timer settings). It has been more than four news since Sonos Controller CR100’s release in year 2005. Since a li-polymer battery’s life span is normally 500 recycles. Many Sonos controller CR100 users have dead battery and don’t know how to replace. Actually it is easy to change this battery as long as you can find a battery cell measuring 5x48x135mm and proper plug. We’ll show how a Sonos Controller CR100 replacement battery looks like below.

Sonos Controller CR100 replacement battery.

This battery use a Molex plug. Please see below photo.

Call Sunpow for battery replacement.

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